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Property for Sale in Bathurst, NB

At North Shore Advantage Realty, we offer a selection of breathtaking real estate such as waterfront properties, bungalows and houses equipped with modern amenities, including a pool, a garage, and parking. With such an incredible variety of properties, we are confident you’ll find what you’re seeking.


Living by the Waterfront

The city of Bathurst is nestled on the stunning Nepisiguit Bay, a part of the beautiful Chaleur Bay. The appeal of living by the waterfront in Bathurst extends beyond the breathtaking views. It offers a tranquil lifestyle, with the opportunity for numerous water activities and the enjoyment of natural beauty right at your doorstep.


Bungalows in Bathurst

Bathurst offers a variety of bungalows that suit all tastes and lifestyles. These homes offer the convenience of single-level living with the added bonus of spacious interiors and yards. Whether you prefer a modern design or a more traditional look, you’ll find a bungalow that’s perfect for you in Bathurst.


Parking Facilities

One of the key considerations when buying a home is parking. Homes in Bathurst often come with ample parking space, ensuring you and your guests always have a place to park. Whether you need a single driveway or require more space for multiple vehicles, Bathurst has you covered.

Bathurst, NB

Homes with Garages

For those who value secure and convenient car storage or need extra space for their hobbies, many homes in Bathurst come with garages. These offer not just a safe place for your vehicle, but also provide additional storage space, a workshop area, or even an extra room for your home.


Homes with Pools

Imagine the luxury of cooling off in your private pool during the hot summer months. In Bathurst, a number of homes come with pools, adding a touch of luxury and an extra feature for entertaining. Enjoy the privacy of your own pool in your Bathurst home.


Secure Your Bathurst, NB Real Estate

Bathurst, New Brunswick, is a captivating city in the northeastern part of the province, steeped in history and rich in diverse culture. The unique blend of French and English heritage is reflected in its architecture, cuisine, and language.
Our team has extensive experience in Bathurst, NB, real estate, and we are eager to share the area’s unique qualities with you.

Bathurst, New Brunswick FAQs

What Is Bathurst, NB, Known For?
Bathurst is renowned for its stunning natural beauty. Situated on the beautiful Nepisiguit Bay and part of Chaleur Bay, the city is surrounded by lush forests and sparkling rivers. Outdoor enthusiasts will find a paradise for hiking, biking, fishing, and more!
Bathurst also boasts a vibrant cultural scene with an array of festivals, museums, galleries, and other attractions. The Bathurst Heritage Museum is a beloved destination for those interested in the city’s history, and the Bathurst Farmers’ Market is perfect for sampling local produce and handmade crafts.
Is Bathurst, New Brunswick, French, or English?
Bathurst is a bilingual city, with both French and English spoken by the residents. Founded by French settlers in the 17th century, the city’s streets and landmarks bear French names, giving a unique character to the city. Over the years, Bathurst has become more cosmopolitan, with people from all around the world coming to reside here.
How Big Is Bathurst, New Brunswick?
Bathurst is a mid-sized city with a population of around 12,157. It’s the largest city in the northern part of the province and serves as a hub for commerce, education, and healthcare.
Is Bathurst, New Brunswick, a Good Place to Live?
Absolutely! Bathurst is a safe, friendly, and welcoming city that offers an excellent quality of life. Its residents enjoy top-tier schools, excellent healthcare facilities, and a wide range of recreational facilities. There’s also a thriving arts and culture scene. With so much to offer, it’s easy to see why Bathurst is a popular place to raise a family, start a business, or enjoy your retirement.

Your Beautiful Bathurst, NB, Home Awaits

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